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Who & What is CFS (CrossFit Shoalhaven)

CrossFit Shoalhaven also known as CFS is a family of experienced, intermediate and beginner athletes. CFS draws its staff and athletes from both the civilian and ex and current military communities. Amongst our ranks are people whom have competed in 100km Endurance Runs and CrossFit Games, to athletes whom have commenced with CFS their fitness journey for the first time in their life at middle ages, to senior citizens seeking to improve the quality of their lives.

People like yourself have joined the ranks of CFS with a desire to improve the quality of their lives and become the best version of themselves possible. They joined CFS and not a different gymnasium because CFS offers real results in a safe, family atmosphere through a proven system. This is achieved by:

  • Our strict adherence to safety and biomechanics through instruction of fundamental and functional movements
  • Our use of exercise programming which challenges all three metabolic/energy path ways, thus improving strength, conditioning and cardio fitness capacities
  • Our supportive, fun and motivating atmosphere
  • Our variety of new stimulus through constantly varied functional movements performed at low and high intensities challenging all the facets of human fitness, from strength, stamina and power, to flexibility, balance, agility and cardio respiratory endurance.
  • Our endorsement of quality proven eating models and nutrition recommendations

CrossFit Shoalhaven is much more than a regular gymnasium. There are no cable machines or isles of cardio equipment lined up in front of TV’s and magazine racks. There are no mirrors on the walls at CFS, there are no elliptical trainers or stair masters either. There are only results at CFS.

CFS applies its self to the CrossFit methodology created by Greg and Lauren Glassman from America. It is a proven system employed by many military and first response units the world over. It is an ‘open source’ system where the CrossFit, Gymnastic, Weight Lifting and Athletic communities input and assist in the development of the methodology used, ensuring only quality information is used, providing all CrossFit Affiliates the world over with a Premium Product proven to improve quality of life, health and fitness and forge the highest level of fitness within each individual.

Whether an elite athlete, weekend warrior, social sportsperson or inexperienced/unexposed ‘unfit and unhealthy’ beginner, CrossFit Shoalhaven is your complete one stop shop enabling you to forge the highest level of health and fitness possible. Improving the quality of your life and performance in your chosen pursuits.


‘We train to not suck at life... because it’s in the margins of our experience that we fail’

-         Coach Greg Glassman (Co-founder of CrossFit)